Free Keyboard Camp Sample

his is a sample of my Classroom Keyboard method book. All together there are 8 small books. Each book has 4 songs with a small worksheet or rhythm exercises at the end of each book. The concept is very simple – if a student completes the book they receive a small dog tag in my classroom and also a sticker on a huge completion chart located in the hallway just outside my door. (Information on how to purchase the dog tags are on the last page of this book.)

It’s not as much work as you think! I only set up my keyboards and work on this unit for 6 weeks right at the beginning of the year. Many students will complete the first 2 or 3 books and then put it away for a while. However, there will be a few that stick with it. The challenge is there to complete all 8 books.

You can also just use these books as basic supplemental material in your classroom. They are easy well known songs with very crisp graphics and clear open ended pages to work from.

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Ukulele 4 week UNIT!

I created this kit for a summer school unit. It can be used for a huge unit or bits and pieces whenever you want. There are actually TEN 60 minute lessons. I met with my music class during the summer once a day for 30 minutes. I was able to do 20 days of UKULELES with this kit! The unit is aligned with a couple of CA GLE’s for my 4th grade classes and you might find a tie with your core curriculum. (There is a lot of writing in this unit!)

The kit is separated into a couple of sections. I start with 10 detailed, full page, step by step lesson plans on how to teach this unit. The plans are so detailed I put minute by minute instructions on how to teach the Uke.

Next I added about 20 pages that you can print off for your students to have. I call these “Journal” pages. They have diagrams, pictures, chord charts and even songs for your students to keep and learn how to play the Uke. (3 pages of chord charts!)

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Composer Series Worksheets!

These worksheets follow the composer video series “The Composers’ Specials”. I have also thrown in BEETHOVEN LIVES UPSTAIRS! (YES! THAT'S 7 WORKSHEETS FOR ONLY $3!) Each worksheet is only 12-20 questions long and help your students understand the life and culture of the composers. Some questions are simple one word answers but a few require a short sentence. I omit some questions for my lower grades but even my 6th graders really get into these worksheets. ENJOY!


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